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Our Dog Training Philosophy

At Sit Now Stay, we believe that dog training (sometimes called obedience training) is not about suppressing your dog or being militaristic; it’s about establishing a mutual respect between canines and their owners.

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Dog training is an excellent way to establish and build a positive relationship between pets and their owners. By understanding how your dog interprets and learns new information, communication between you and your dog will become healthy and rewarding. Through professional dog training, your canine friend can learn to enjoy social interaction while remaining well-mannered and approachable, and your dog can learn to abandon bad habits such as inappropriate barking, destructive chewing, or undeserved aggression. Positive reinforcement and strategic discipline can help loyalty and companionship flourish.

Why Can’t I Train My Dog Myself?

Many dog owners think that canine training requires firm dominance, and that owners need to establish themselves as “the alpha,” or the “pack leader.”  This misconception is untrue. Punishment-based training techniques and enforcing behavior changes through fear can be psychologically and physically damaging to your dog. Furthermore, this outdated approach to canine training can often be dangerous to the owner, and will ruin any trust between you and your dog.

Creating Trust

To your dog, you are the most important thing in the world, and to us, the most important thing is making sure your canine companion has fun during dog obedience training. Because a bored and restless dog is often loud or destructive, we aim to not just teach your dog tricks and skills, but to make them happier, entertained, and more satisfied.

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