professional dog training and pet obedience training in kansas city

Professional Dog Obedience School in Kansas City

Sit Now Stay is honored to be the Kansas City area’s leading trainer in dog obedience and dog sports. Our dog obedience school can teach your canine discipline and obedience while improving his or her ability to interact with people.

Dog Training in Kansas City – Canine Credentials

Owner Brianne Durham has an extensive history in dog sports, animal care, and dog training in Kansas City, so you can trust that your pup is in more-than-capable hands. She has a background in veterinary medicine and is board-certified in Critical Care Medicine. Brianne has studied under world-famous dog trainers in Las Vegas, and her mentor in San Diego. Durham also has the only dog competition dock and pool within 500 miles. Brianne’s experience combined with her undying passion makes Sit Now Stay the premiere dog obedience school in Kansas City.

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