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See a Better Pup with Dog Boot Camp

Are you frustrated with your dog’s behavior or lack of obedience? Are you not communicating effectively with your up, but you’re too busy to train your dog?  Are you wanting to break the bad habits of your dog, but can’t seem to get a handle on it?  Is your dog out of control, doesn’t do what you say or like to jump on random people?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to consider our dog boot camp programs at Sit Now Stay.  At Sit Now Stay, we have three different dog boot camp or boarding options, each focused on building your pup up to the best that they can be.

Dog Boot Camp – Your Best Friend Again

For those that are committing to rebuilding their relationship with their dog, we recommend our dog boot camp. Our dog boot camp programs are as follows: A Good Dog (7 days), A Better Dog (14 days) and Make My Dog Amazing (21 days). Each of these dog boot camp programs is designed to create a well-behaved dog, stopping barking, jumping, leash-pulling and other undesirable habits.

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7 Day Dog Boot Camp
a Good Dog

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14 Day Dog Boot Camp
a Better Dog

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21 Day Dog Boot Camp
an Amazing Dog

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