Owning a dog is a little bit tougher than you imagined huh? 

 When you first got your dog you might of thought how great it will be to have that furry companion running around the house, greeting you when you got home after a long day at work.  Keeping you company at your favorite patio coffee shop.  Maybe taking a trip with you down to the lake. 

 But you are having some trouble with your dog that you didn’t expect or plan for.  Or maybe you just didn’t have time to train your dog. 

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Having a dog should be fun, exciting, and an absolute joy.  A dog should fulfill a purpose in your home.  A companion, a protector, a hiking partner, a babysitter, or a furry shoulder to rest on after a rough day.   

 We have a tested and proven dog training program that is not offered anywhere else in the Kansas City area. Our program “Make My Dog Amazing” is designed with the problems mentioned above in mind.  Our team of  Veterinary Technicians came together because we saw first hand, everyday in the veterinary clinic, owners struggling with their dogs.  We began to research and learn everything we could to help our clients.  Together we have 30+ years experience combined in the dog training industry.   

The concepts used in our MMDA (Make My Dog Amazing) program are the latest concepts and practices used in today’s dog training industry.  Each dog is different, each dog has it’s own unique family.  But with our proven strategies and delivered in the correct sequence, we get results that last a lifetime.

Our MMDA program has a few different variations depending on how much time you have to put into your dog’s training.  All training will require some effort on your part as the owner, but with our different available options you are able to choose the best for you, your family, and your dog.  

Every dog that successfully completes our MMDA program lives a life of freedom and happiness. 

Your dog will graduates equipped with the following skill set

Phone Consultation with Trainer

During your phone call you will have a chance to discuss your concerns about your dog, training, and what your expectations and goals are.  The trainers will explain our training options and pricing.  You and the trainer can discuss which options best fits your family and lifestyle and what will be expected from you during your dogs training.  This is a great oppurtunity to learn about our methods of training and what results you should expect. Click Here to Schedule your phone consultation.

Proper walking and leash manners

Polite greeting and public interactions

Off-Leash reliability in and around distractions

Proper home etiquette and manners

So many dog owners call us feeling like their dog has hijacked their life.   Perhaps you don’t go out as much because you fear your dog might destroy your home or bark excessively until you come back. Your dog jumps on every friend that comes to visit you.  You feel a little overwhelmed and maybe a little embarrassed. You try to give your dog exercise by taking him on walks, but it is a miserable experience.  He just pulls and pulls and if someone or another dog walks by, you tense up in anticipation.   

We know it is hard when your dog doesn’t come when you call.  It is scary watching your dog weave in between and dodge cars.  Just because they wanted to chase a squirrel. What you would give to just be able to whistle and your dog turns around and comes running to you. 

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