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7-Day Dog Boot Camp: A Good Dog

This is the perfect program for the owner who wants to be involved in training, but would like help through the initial process. Our 7-day dog boot camp will teach you how to better communicate with your pup to end unwanted behaviors and includes the basic commands to give you a great jump start in having a better, more enjoyable friendship with your dog.

Training your dog with our 7-day boot camp is a great way to establish and build a positive relationship with your pup. Through our program, you will begin to understand how your dog interprets and learns new information, improving communication between you and your dog. Through our professional training and our 7-day boot camp, your canine friend will grow to enjoy social interaction while remaining well-mannered and approachable. Furthermore, your dog will grow out of bad habits such as chewing on your belongings, unwarranted barking, and aggression.

A Good Dog Boot Camp Includes:

  • 7 days of boarding with training at our facility
  • 2 private lessons at your home
  • Your dog will learn to walk gently on a leash
  • You will stop your dog from jumping up on guests
  • You will teach your dog to not bark
  • Your dog will learn to not engage with other animals and people as they walk by
  • Training equipment included
  • Lifetime email support to answer all of your questions regarding your dog’s behavior
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Enroll Today

To get started with our Good Dog 7-day dog boot camp, call Sit Now Stay in the Kansas City area at (913) 735-7392.