Free Evaluation

Free Dog Training Evaluation

We encourage everyone interested in dog training from Sit Now Stay to call us and schedule a free dog training or puppy training evaluation that will allow us to assess your dog and his or her home life. We will consult with you over the phone or in some cases, in person, to understand your dog or puppy’s individual needs and to establish reachable goals and expectations.

Getting to Know You

At Sit Now Stay, one of our key philosophies is finding the right dog training technique for your pup and for you. Because we aim to help you develop a real, lasting and deeper relationship with your dog, we set realistic expectations during dog training and puppy training, but in order to do so, we want to get to know your dog, your family and your lifestyle.

Contact Us Today in Kansas City

To schedule a free evaluation, we welcome you to call us at (913) 353-8811 or to contact us online.