Puppy Training (Age 8-20 weeks)

Congratulations on your new furry addition! 

Some people get a puppy for the kids so they can grow up with a faithful playmate.  Maybe learn some responsibility and have a happy friend when they had a rough day at school.   

Potty training is a lot of work!  You take your eyes off of them for a second and they scoot away to do their business in the house.  You have to keep a constant eye on them.  It like having a kid!!

Puppies can be more rambunctious than you think or remember from your last puppy.  The biting and nipping at the kids can be extreme and frustrating.  A lot of people think that the puppy will just grow out of it, but it isn’t true. If a puppy isn’t shown what is expected of it, than the problems become progressively worse.  

Crate training can be just as emotional for you as it is for your puppy.  It’s overwhelming and exhausting.  But the crate can be one of your puppy’s favorite places.  If it is introduced the correct way.  

Helping your puppy grow into the perfect companion can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  

Unfortunately most puppy programs available in the Kansas City area is a waste of time and money.  

Puppy socialization classes can create frustration in a puppy and obsession.  They become so obsessed with playing with other dogs that you no longer exist.  The other puppies become much more rewarding and fun than you.  Certain breeds of puppies should learn to remain calm around other dogs.  Because they can easily become overstimulated by other puppies.  

Structured group classes provide training techniques and information, but the information typically does not last in the puppy or in the owner.  The information is just too overwhelming to fit into 6 hours of group class.  

You got your puppy to be your lifetime companion.  Knowing how to help your puppy through the tough stages of adolescence and young adult Is crucial.  A lot of owners think they need just “basic” training for their puppies.  But there is nothing basic about your unique puppy.  

Your puppy has a complex mind.  It’s just as complex as a child.  You expect a lot from your puppy as it grows and matures.  You can’t leave your puppy’s education up to a few hours of group class.  

You want your puppy to travel with you, go to the lake with you, go to the park with you, go have brunch and the patio of your favorite bistro, or maybe you want your puppy to listen while it is off leash on your camping trip.  

You want to WOW your house guest when they come over and see your well-behaved puppy politely greeting them.  Calmly laying on their puppy bed while you enjoy dinner with your friends.  Your friends will ask if you are bringing your puppy with you when they visit your home.    

You can’t get this with basic training.  

Our trainers decided as a team that any puppy that graduates from our program is going to have the best education and be the most well behaved fun puppy ever.  

We took the most popular versions of our Make My Dog Amazing program and turned them into MAKE MY DOG AMAZING PUPPY EDITION!

Your puppy will start with a Puppy Preschool and then transition into the MMDA program so by the time your puppy graduates school you will have completely on and off leash reliability.  

Our program is extensive. Our program is not a cheap group class or a few private lessons.  You get support through the puppyhood years and is anything but basic.  You will have the puppy of your dreams.  Your puppy will have the best in Kansas City.