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And with Sit Now Stay, the perfect pup is just a few training sessions and some hard work away. Your dog has the loyalty and love, she just needs the discipline and the proper tools to be obedient, talented and well-rounded. Sit Now Stay offers comprehensive dog boot camp packages to help you create a healthy relationship with your dog and to foster a happy home environment.

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About Sit Now stay

Owner Brianne Durham has a deeply rooted love of animals, which she has expressed through her background in veterinary medicine, board certification in critical care medicine and studying under some of the most elite dog trainers in the world. She owns and operates Sit Now Stay dog training and dog boot camp, as well as Kansas City Dog Sports out of a passion for improving human and dog lives, alike.

7 day boot camp for dog obedience training in kansas city

7 Day Boot Camp
a Good Dog

With seven days of boarding at our dog boot camp facility, your dog will get a training boost and you’ll learn how to communicate better with your furry friend.

14 day dog obedience training boot camp kansas city

14 Day Boot Camp
a Better Dog

In fourteen days, we’ll correct your canine’s bad behaviors, including barking, leash pulling and jumping, and teach them new, valuable skills to improve your connection.

21 day kansas city dog training boot camp

21 Day Boot Camp
an Amazing Dog

Twenty-one days of boarding school at our dog boot camp will make your dog nothing short of amazing. He or she will learn obedience skills and you’ll get the tools you need to help them succeed.

Dog Sports

  • Water sports are great for exercise and happiness for dogs and owners alike.
  • We can teach any dog to love the water – even ones that are afraid of it!
  • Dock diving is easy for you and your pup to learn.
  • Sit Now Stay & Kansas City Dog Sports have the only competition dock and pool in the region, so join today!
dog sports training and obedience training
dog training kansas city

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Check out our exclusive training videos to start on your new life with a better dog. In addition to our boot camps, you can teach your dog how to sit, spin, fetch, kennel and more, all from the comfort of your own home!

..As first time puppy parents we have had some many questions and she has been an amazing asset to us! Also, Kauffman absolutely loves her!

- Lindsay A.

..Not only does she have experience working with many breeds of dogs, but she works well with extreme behaviors such as fear and aggression. We’d definitely recommend them for your pups!

- Rachael C.

..Brianne not only trains your dog in a POSITIVE MANNER but trains the owners, which is a critical component to a well-behaved pup..

- Sarah S.

..We would recommend Brianne and her service with zero reservations or qualifications. If you need your dog to do what you cannot get it to do – well, call Brianne.

- Shane H.

..Thanks for your help! I would highly recommend your service to every lab owner!

- Jocelyn Z.

Brianne is delightful.. She is a very confident, knowledgeable, experienced dog trainer. It is rare that I would give such a glowing review based on one meeting!

- Jeff E.

My experience with Brianne was first class all the way. She was prompt, professional, and I could honestly tell she cared more about my comfort and my dogs success than just a paycheck..

- Ray R.

Fantastic and way beyond what we expected. Very down to Earth and obviously has a passion for her job.. Inside joke… Just need more photos!

- Jarod B.

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